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Video: One Medium
MANY Business Solutions

A business can use video in a variety of ways to grow their revenue, from marketing to existing customers, presenting to prospective clients, to efficiently training their employees. This includes, but is not limited to:

Video Testimonials
Training Videos
Social Media Videos
Video Tutorials
Television Commercials
Product Review Videos
Lobby Video Loops
Product Demo Videos
Investor Presentations
Website Videos
Crowdsourcing Videos
Social Media Ads
Sports Jumbotron Ads
Gas Station Pump Video Ads
Video Blogs (Vlogs)
Corporate Presentations
Fund Raising Videos

Video Production and Advertising Experience That Matters

Our staff has over a decade’s worth of experience producing videos for a variety of clients, including:

Universities and Colleges
Automotive Dealerships
Food and Cuisine
Medical Practices
Religious Organizations
Health and Fitness

If we have not worked with a client in the same profession as yours, we have most likely addressed the same problems your business hopes to solve with the production of a video, or series of videos.

Whether you have a one-time project, or production needs on a regular basis, we’ll be happy to serve.

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Live Stream

Engage your audience with live stream videos produced by Kinetic Media Productions! We can make it look just like a live broadcast television show, complete with multiple camera angles, graphics, music, cut-away videos and more! With TelePrompting, you'll sound just as professional as you would if it was a pre-recorded video!

Live Streaming Benefits

The greatest benefit from live streaming is reaching new audiences. Millenials have especially embraced live streaming, so it's crucial if this is a target demographic. Just like edited videos, these live stream videos can be shared. It is also very engaging for any events you may have at your business, including the launch of a new product, or service. Take customers behind the scenes of an event. The posssibilities are endless, as well as the trust you'll be build with your audience.

63% of people ages 18-34 watch live streaming content regularly.

Facebook Live Videos are watched for three times as long as pre-recorded videos.

47% of live streaming video viewers globally are watching more live streamed videos than two years ago.

Story Branding &

To effectively market your services and products, we must not only tell your brand's story, we must also get the client/customer to act. Beautiful visuals alone will not positively impact your comapny's bottom line. We can help you do both. At Kinetic Media Productions, our checklist to help our clients acheive their goals includes:

  • Connect with you.
  • Learn about your products/services.
  • Conduct a market analysis.
  • Research your competitors.
  • Understand your customers' needs and desires.

Parody Video

Kinetic Media Productions can produce a parody video for your business that will spike views and engagements with your business. This is a video we produced for a client that was organically viewed 9000 times in less than 24 hours before their corporate leadership made them remove it off social media.

Distribution Strategy

We can produce your videos and hand them off to your agency or media sales rep, or you can let us handle your placement/distribution strategy. While their strategy will focus solely on number of impressions, we have the tools to incorporate a strategy based on actual sales and results.

Digital Numbers Driven Strategy

We don't just try to upsell you on your budget and allocate it. Kinetic uses a proprietary system to responsibly calculate your budget based on the costs and profit of your goods and services.

Traditional Media Strategy

Unlike your friendly media sales rep, we are not married to any one television station, or even any one form of media for that matter. Kinetic will help choose the option that's truly best for your business.

Direct Platform Billing

We have seen too many ad agencies invoice their clients for traditional and digital media buys only to take the money and not pay the media platform. You pay us and platforms direct and know what you're paying for.



Your brand is more than just your logo; it's the culmination of not only the image your business projects into the marketplace, but also the overall experience a customer, or potential customer has when interacting with your company. It's what helps makes your company different from all of the other ones in your industry. Your brand includes the tangilble, such as colors and typefaces to the intangible such as how your service makes the customer feel.

Brand Consistency

One of the most important things about a company brand is remaining consistent. At Kinetic Media Productions, we understand this and our videos will remain consistent with your brand. If your company has not formally established branding guidelines and needs some help doing refining the brand, or even establish a new one, we are more than happy to assist.

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